3 Best Yoga poses to get rid of sexual problems

Photo by Luis Quintero

Yoga is not just a physical exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. It is the union of mind, body and nature. This harmonious blending leads to the wellness of body and mind which is the prime requirement for leading a healthy life. The volume of the benefits of yoga is infinite as it has proved a panacea for every known disease that affects a human being that includes sexual problems.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine has proved that yoga can improve the sexual function, especially in women above the age of 45. The study examined the sexual function self-reported by the 40 participants after 12 weeks of Yoga practice and the results showed that there was a steady improvement in their sexual function.

Here we provide certain yoga poses that can give relief to many worries in this regard.

Poorna Banasana

It is a proven fact that persistent practice of Banasana can help recharge sexual energy and help to get rid of lethargy by reviving agility and energy. Practising this asana may help to get rid of the difficulties caused by Hernia and indigestion. This also helps in reducing fat in the stomach area and maintaining the physical beauty. Those who have been troubled with the feeling that they have been losing the diligence and energy of the youth this asana is for them as it encourages one to live their life fully by reviving the youthful vigour and stamina.

How to practice:
Sit down and stretch your legs. Then bend the left leg towards the right thigh and keep it close to rump. Breathe out and move to the front until the head touches the knee of the right leg. Grab the left paw using both hands. It should be noted not to rise the knee up of the right knee. Keeping this position, breathe out and come to the normal position and repeat the same with the other leg. Do this asana for 5 times using both legs.

Badha Konasana

Badha Konasana commonly known as butterfly pose may help in treating premature ejaculation and the problem of erectile dysfunction. It also helps to boost sexual energy. It strengthens rectal and related muscles therefore may help to maintain normal menstrual cycles.

Stretch out the legs and then fold it inwards. Hold the foot of your leg and pull it towards your genitals. Legs and waist should be on the ground at this time.
After keeping the hands behind the buttocks, breathe in and expand the chest to the maximum. Be in this position and breathe in as long as possible. Breathe out and go back to the initial position.
Lean forward and hold the foot of your leg. Lean forward to the maximum and try to touch the face on the floor. Try touching the legs too.

This asana aims to tone up the male and female reproductive organs. It is much more beneficial than other poses to get rid of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This asana also strengthens the rectal and related muscles.

Sit straight while keeping the legs apart. After stretching the legs slightly bend the knees. Then put the arms underneath the knees. Breathe out and move forward until your chin and chest touch the floor. Breathe in and come to the normal position. Repeat this 5 times and relax. Those who have paunch could find difficult in doing this asana but persistent practice will help them to overcome the difficulty and gain control over it.