A ticket to tour the world

Are you interested in traveling to five continents in 50 days and that too very free of cost? Here is a free ticket for you to tour the world. Tour Radar, one of the most famous on line travel agencies in the world is giving you this chance to tour the world in 50 days. With all the expenses met by the agency, all you have to do is to be ready to travel the world with a complete stranger.

The agency has invited 2 minute-long video applications which tells why you should be chosen for the trip. The louder the video (in terms of the video content; flash mobs, big events, large gatherings) tells about you being the right person to take such a trip, the more are the chances of you winning the tour. A team of around 12 individuals including three camera operators will accompany you, turning each moment of your trip into a beautiful memory.

Wouldn’t it be a great experience if for 50 days you can wake in 50 different places without the repetitive events of your usual daily activities? So why wait? Log on to Tour Radar and submit your applications before 24 March. By mid-May, you would be flying to tour the world and life is never going to be the same after that.