An inspiring story in the time of lockdown

An inspiring story of a police officer, who reached emergency medicines to the needy people living in remote places in Kerala at a short notice during lockdown, hits headlines. Now a local hero, Vijesh from Calicut travels from villages to villages carrying a bag of emergency medicines to deliver to the needy people.

Struggling with the nightmare of not having the medicines some of his neighbours approached Vijesh to help getting their medicines from the city. Gradually the number of Whatsapp messages requesting for medicines have increased and with the permission of senior officers Vijesh later devoted himself for   helping the needy people with their medicines.

Now, at this uncertain period, Vijesh appears at the right place on the right time and places the medicines in the hands of the patients or their relatives and watches them gratefully smile.

Even though medical shops in the state are allowed to work during the lockdown period, many who are in critical conditions face scarcity of medicines.

It was because the medicines are available only in major cities and due to the lockdown it was difficult for anybody to travel to get the medicines. Under these difficult circumstances, Vijesh’s selfless service is considered as a very valuable act as it provides a great relief to many of those who are critically ill and their relatives.