Auspiciousness Underneath Negativity 

Every human being in this world will have to face, at one point or the other, various detrimental thoughts like anger, sadness, envy, hatred etc. and when preyed up on by these feelings it is quite natural that we curse ourselves in such situations when  the hunter and the prey are we ourselves. But there is the possibility of converting such feelings (when they are inevitable and occurs naturally) to something positive.

Once succumbed to these emotions, it is not the other person but we ourselves who will have to suffer as these feelings will negatively affect the source more than the target.  However, it is possible though to convert these detrimental thoughts to creative thoughts. The basic theory behind this is that there is positive energy underneath these negative feelings. Once this understanding settles in the psyche of human beings, it will soon spread to the society and thus would become a habitual behavior.

The most important thing in tackling these negative energies is that one should not try to directly alleviate or repress such feelings. Rather, what is important is to understand those feelings without any prejudice. It is better that one doesn’t contemplate or worry over it but rather goes deep into it and tries to understand it objectively.    Although there are chances that such feelings make one distressed and upset, at the end, one would find that every negativity that was felt were sources of positive energy.

Once unidentified with it gradually it would fade away and you can divert that energy to something positive .The positivity here is that once a person analyses and understands these negative feelings, there is an automatic internal adaptation that happens over time and these would be diverted towards doing something positive.

Further you will find that positivity and negativity are both sides of the same coin and supplementary to each other. One exists because of the other and over time both will evolve in the life on and off.

Moreover, once you survive a negative situation it will transform you forever empowering you to deal with such issues and from that moment on you will have great insights towards life. As a result one would enjoy life more than before and would become more constructive and creative.