Ayurveda Benefits of Buttermilk

Buttermilk is made out of curd by churning and adding water to it. In Ayurveda, buttermilk is called ‘Thakram’ and characterised as a useful drink as well as a medicine. Ashtanga Hrudhayam , one of the important manuscripts of Ayurveda, describes different ways of preparing buttermilk and one among them is to prepare it without removing the fat in the curd. Second one is removing half of the fat and the final one is prepared by removing whole ghee and fat.

Called ‘ Sambharam’, the final one is very popular in South India and which is prepared adding ginger, curry leaves, salt and citrus leaf to it. This drink has been used to abate fatty liver and digestive problems. Sambharam is a common drink during summer as it prevents dehydration and balances Electrolyte in the body.

It never augments sinusitis like problems. But its sourness might cause mucus in throat

Health benefits of ‘Sambharam’

  • Buttermilk can be consumed during any season without following any changes in diet.
  • The sour and acridness of  buttermilk help to abate kabha,vatha problems.
  • Buttermilk is one of the best medicines for haemorrhoids that do not cause bleeding.
  • Daily consumption of buttermilk helps reduce digestive, spleen diseases.
  • Buttermilk is a useful medicine to treat Mal-absorption syndrome.
  • Beneficial for edema and diarrhea
  • Being rich in B Complex vitamins and Vitamin D, buttermilk abstains fatigue and anemia, improves immunity and moreover, helps reduce obesity and distaste.
  • Buttermilk is a whole food. It is rich in protein, carbo hydrates,vitamins, Lipids and enzymes.
  • Although not as much fat as in the milk, buttermilk is equally rich in Calcium.
  • For Diabetic patients, it is risk-free to consume buttermilk
  • As a pro-biotic, buttermilk helps urinal, vaginal infections.
  • Consuming the buttermilk with ginger and garlic paste helps reduce cold symptoms
  • Simmered buttermilk using curry leaf, turmeric and ginger is beneficial in treating stomach, intestine swelling and other stomach diseases.
  • Buttermilk simmered with ‘Mukkuti’, a herbal medicine in Ayurveda, helps reduce diarrhea.
  • Buttermilk simmered adding Creeping woodsorrel is best for Mal-absorption syndrome.

During this time of pandemic let us achieve the common goal of being healthy by returning to our native drinks like buttermilk.

Courtesy: Dr: Shobu