Ayurveda home remedies for Menstrual Problems

With the changing lifestyles and food habits,the trauma of menstrual problems has now become a severe issue. menstrual cramps and migraines,
severe pain, back pain,nausea,vomiting, prolonged bleeding etc.during the menstrual period have now become more common than it was in the past. Ayurveda physicians  attribute these uneasiness and distress to the intake of more spicy,sour and fast foods,Toil without rest,starvation, intake of re-heated food,eating too much food, over consumption of baked foods, lack of exercise Etc. Stress,strain, constipation and urine obstruction augment the situation. However, Ayurveda offers some unique and effective methods to cure these ailments that haunt woman every month.


As physical properties of every woman vary, the treatment will also be determined according to the condition of the patient and along some changes in the diet plan and life style. These are some of the remedies that are proposed by Ayurveda physicians.

1.Consumption of boiled Cumin concoction prevents stomach pain,nausea and vomiting during menstrual periods.

2.When bleeding lingers take black catechu water and milk. This would enable the patient to cope up against bleeding.

3. Abstain from arduous exercise and toil at home so that the individual could minimize the bleeding.

4.Intake of sour and spicy food must be reduced.

5.Black sesame and horse gram are beneficial for women who suffer from delayed menstruation and anemia. Black Sesame Concoction and bolus seasmum are both effective. Dishes made by boiled horse gram and consuming the water which is used to boil horse gram would be of help.

6.Drinking Boiled water with Asoca is recommended

7.If bleeding lingers and cannot be stopped, Sikerpud sap is the possible solution. Moreover, Sikerpud is one of the ten important flowers in Ayurveda which is found to be effective in treating various ailments affecting the woman.