Ayurveda home remedies to enhance beauty

Ayurveda, the ancient medical science which originated in India has a lot of remedies and important tips to enhance the physical beauty of the person and most of them are administered along with a bath. These Ayurveda preparations are usually made from materials easily available in the household,  making it accessible and cost-effective.

Thali (A thick paste prepared from red hibiscus flowers and soaked hibiscus leaves)

This is a traditional remedy used to enhance the growth and health of hair and is usually used by the women in Keralites. Thali is smeared in the hair before bath and also used instead of shampoo to remove the excess oil and this helps in retaining the freshness of the mind, making the day stress-free.To make it readily available, Keralites usually plant hibiscus in their gardens and the paste made form it used instead of shampoos. The hibiscus leaves and red hibiscus flowers are made into a paste by grinding it along with water. The resulting thick paste is known as Thali

The difference between synthetic shampoo and Thali is that Shampoo penetrates in to the skull and liquidates the oil, thus making the skull dry and creating dandruff. Thali on the other hand, sticks to the peripheral part of the skull and this would help the hair become darker and glowing. The paste is traditionally prepared by grinding the materials on a flat stone. The recent practice of making the paste using electric mixer grinders can result in adverse effect, owing to the heat emanated by the grinder which makes the paste hot. Even crushing the leaves and flowers with hand and then doing the same with water added to it for a short period of time allows more juice to pour and it would not have the adverse effects of using a mixer grinder.

Applying oil before bath

In South India it is a common practice to apply coconut oil before taking a bath and in other parts of the country, various other oils are also used such as sesame Oil, almond oil, olive oil and corn oil are also used in order to have a refreshing effect. Having an oil massage before bath is part of the routine life in India especially in Kerala. According to Ayurveda, having an oil massage before bath can have a number of positive effects. As the raw oil will not stick to the body, it is advised to heat the oil, cool it and then use.  First warm an empty dish and pour some oil into it. After allowing this oil to cool down and then apply it on the body and keep massaging for almost 20 minutes. It is advised to have it in the morning or at least before dusk. Oil could be smeared both on the body as well as on the hair. However, it is better to use coconut oil for hair. Apply oil on the roots of the hair so that it is in direct contact with the scalp. As hair is inorganic, it would not be beneficial to apply oil on the hair.

Green gram powder

Green gram powder can be used to wash out dirt from the body. As the popular bathing soaps contain sodium hydroxide which is harmful for the skin,it is always better to use organic powders and among these, green gram powder is largely recommended. It is important to heat the green grams before crushing it so as to make it more effective. Heated green grams are easy to crush in the mixer grinders and can be stored for long. White lentil powder is more suitable for use those who have dry skin.

  • Half an ounce of lukewarm water, mixed with one ounce of honey taken everyday night before bed can be an effective solution for obesity.
  • To improve the glow of the skin, apply the mixture prepared with the extract of 3 or 4 cabbage leaves, 7gms of yeast and one teaspoon of honey. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
  • Mix sesame seeds and Amukura powder (Winter cherry) in honey. Have this mixture every day before bed and this can help in putting on weight.
  • The paste of Neem leaves and turmeric mixed together applied on the body can help in removing black marks on the skin.
  • For removing the dark circles around the eyes, apply the juice of cucumber and wash it off after an hour. This is especially useful for those who work late night and those who read a lot.
  • Consuming nutritious vegetables that are rich in vitamins, other nutrients and amino acids are extremely good for reducing unnecessary fats and retaining the shape of the body.
  • Taking bath in water with two three drops of olive oil can help reduce the dryness of skin.
  • Applying turmeric on face before bed and washing it off in the morning can help remove the unwanted hair on the face.
  • Applying the paste of fenugreek on face and washing it off in hot water can help in reducing the dryness of skin and improving the glow and softness of the skin.
  • Consuming tomato extract everyday can help fight Anemia.
  • Make a paste of Sweet Lime skin and Turmeric and apply it before bed. Wash it off in the morning and this can help in removing pimples and acne.
  • Consuming more of gooseberries, carrots etc. which are rich in Vitamin B, Copper, Iron and Iodine are effective in preventing grey hair.
  • Applying the paste of turmeric on the body before bath can reduce the odor of sweat
  • To improve the strength and smoothness of hair and also to avoid premature greying of hair, apply oil that is boiled with curry leaves.
  • Adding rosewater to the water used for washing hair can improve the smoothness of the hair.