Ayurveda Remedy for Migraine

Migraine is a very commonly seen condition in many individuals and the discomfort it causes is really stressful. Ayurveda calls migraine in various names such as Suryavartham, Ardhavabhedhakam etc.  Ayurveda considers migraine as a medical condition rising from improper digestive process and the medicines prescribed for Migraine in Ayurveda would belong to that domain.

Consuming Urad or black gram along with milk can have positive effects towards reducing the discomfort caused by migraine. Sesame consumed with milk is also an effective solution. The Ayurveda procedure of nasya performed using ghee heated along with special Ayurveda ingredients can reduce the effects of migraine.

In addition, the Ayurveda procedure of dhara using milk boiled with dasamoola is also a potential solution for migraine.  There are also some practitioners who suggest Rakthamoksha treatment for migraine.  Paste of Kottam and Sandalwood applied on the forehead, consumption of concoctions in which gooseberry and Kadukka are added and the Ayurveda practice of Thalam using the powder of chitharatta and dried ginger heated in KarinochiSwarasam are also effective treatments for migraine.