Ayurveda treatment for sinusitis

Sinusitis is very common during the winter season in India. It is because of the simultaneous occurrence of hot and cold climates at day and night. The symptoms occur with running nose and tend to linger even towards the end of the season. It is to be examined that which sinus is affected, whether the pain is recurring, any allergic reactions like sneezing and suffocation, due to   some medicines etc. And depending on the conclusion of this examination the doctor comprehends how strong the incidence of the sinusitis is. Sinuses are air spaces in your skull and facial bones that make up the upper part of your respiratory tract from your nose into your throat. The sinuses are in your forehead, inside your cheekbones, and behind the nose.


The symptoms include fever and cold, distaste, appetite loss, head ache, nasal congestion, nose pain, weighing while lowering the face, cough, yellow colored mucus, dryness of the mouth, gum pain, cheek swelling, snoring etc.

Things to avoid:

Dietary products

Souring substances

Cold shower

Exposure to sunrays

Spending more time under fan or ac

Hotter and colder eatables

Antibiotic and Ayurveda therapy will start only if the symptoms linger for more than three months.  Ayurveda treatment for sinusitis varies according to the nature of the ailment as well as the patient and the treatment does not propose any panacea for that matter. For example, if the sinusitis has been affected by allergic conditions the treatment will start for allergic reactions. Likewise, it includes anti viral therapy. If the sinusitis has caused the growth of marrow in the nose, treatment for that condition also will be included.

The condition can get worse and lead to the growth of marrow in the nose, and in some cases it may lead to even meningitis.   If the patient does not get the right treatment at right time, it could lead to even weakening of the bone near sinus.

Ayurvedic treatment of sinusitis involves Panchakarma treatment of nasya, expelling toxicity using Ayurvedic herbs and diet. There are also other nasal therapies, which  are being applied by practitioners.

Diet & lifestyle advice

Ayurveda doctors recommend warm and easily digestible food, vegetables, and fruits in the diet. Drinking warm water mixed with cinnamon and black pepper, frequent intake of garlic and ginger, proper sleep etc. will also help.

Breathing the steam coming out from hot water mixed with two three drops of eucalyptus, rosemary oil and one drop of peppermint oil is a better home remedy for sinusitis.