Ayurvedic tips for dealing with summer 

The sudden rise in temperature during summer season causes many illnesses. Therefore, it is important to change to a new lifestyle which would help prevent the high temperature complications at the onset of the summer season.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips which could help in this regard.

1.Drinking lukewarm milk, consuming ghee, high sweet fruits and vegetables may help lower the body temperature.

2.  Avoid taking aerated drinks like soda and processed foods.

3. Drinking tender coconut water and lukewarm water boiled with brazel wood and vetiver would help in reducing the complications caused by the summer heat.

4. Avoid consuming celery seed, cumin and dried ginger in summer.

5. Avoid spicy, fried and processed foods and it is better to reduce the usage of salt, given the fact that a pinch of it is enough to keep the body salinity.

6. It is better to have butter milk, cilantro water rather than drinking tea, coffee or cola during daytime.

7. Strenuous work during daytime reduces immunity and aggravates summer ailment symptoms.

8. Go for cold water showers. A hot shower is not recommended in summer days and using eye drops would help keep the eyes healthy.

9. It is recommended to wear loose, colorless and cotton clothes in order to reduce the impact of heat on the body.

10. Avoid using sweat-ridden clothes as it can cause skin diseases.

11. Tender coconut water, carrot, beetroot, pomegranate, cardamom powder, cucumber and wax gourd may be consumed in these days as they reduce the symptoms of summer ailments.

Courtesy: Dr.Sharmad Khan