Walk barefoot for a healthy mind and body

According to the science of Naturopathy, walking bare foot (earthing) is believed to have a positive effect on the body and mind. It is quite obvious that this positive effect owes itself to the soothing touch of Mother Nature which provides the person with solace as well as positive energy and will help you to find your true self that is filled with gratitude. Subsequently, the person becomes more sensitive towards other beings and their existence.

AYUSH department  (Yoga and Naturopathy) on its facebook post explains that direct physical contact with the ground would have clear physiological benefits such as the production of natural anti-oxidants, the regulation of autonomic nervous system and a remarkable reduction in inflammation.

AYUSH also elaborates that earthing would increase the surface charge of blood cells. As a result, the cells will avoid clumping, which in turn will decrease viscosity. High viscosity is a significant factor in heart diseases, which is why many people take blood-thinning aspirin every day to improve their heart health.

Moreover, it also states that earthing would help to regulate both the endocrine and the nervous systems. Thus for a healthier mind and body, AYUSH suggests that you take a fixed amount of time to walk barefoot, thus taking in the positive energy from the Mother Earth.