Being in the present

Being in the present is the art of leading a happy life and accepting life with all its positives and negatives is the key to attain such state. A state of mind to acquire a satisfied and relaxed life and helps in being fully aware of the moment. Without being hung in the past or worried about the future, one would then become creative and constructive.

Nothing will  go unnoticed and there will be no space for frustration or repression. Everything that happens around one’s life then would  be a celebration. A person who lives in the present will naturally  fall in love with  nature as the breeze and sunshine touches the heart with their immaculate beauty. He can experience  compassionate present that prevails around him.  Then he can  live his life to the fullest, enjoying every single moment of life.

In reality  what happens is that once  start living in the present, there start to arise consciousness which reduces separation between the subject and the existence. What usually happens in the actual life is that we are stuck to an abnormal life where we either jubilate the past glory or set out to plan things, thus forgetting the enjoyment of the present.

Past does originally not exist now and is completely over now. On the other hand, future is just a projection and is often just a fantasy or belief. Living in the past or future thus is meaningless as there is no life at all. Therefore, to live one should be there in the present. If you are stuck to the past or future, you would end up not living, many frustrations and repressions will develop in your unconscious, and you would become tensed and worrying.To avoid that state one should become conscious about surroundings rather than getting self conscious.

This would help to reach a position where one can enjoy a state of silence with in and with out. Hence this become the permanence of our character and rather than doing meditation techniques at dawn you could hold a meditative mind through out the day.  This will help you to become aware of the moment and naturally one would capable to sweet the pot and end up having good happy life.

There are quite a lot of meditation techniques that can help attain this bliss. The simplest of these is to sit in isolation with the eyes closed and concentrating only on the slow breathing. There would be quite a lot of thoughts that cross your mind during this meditation and it is important to be indifferent to such thoughts. This can be practiced in any posture as long as your spine is straight and eyes are closed. Focus on the body parts one by one, and imagine that the tensions in the particular area go away. Do that for every single part of the body and you would experience that you are completely relaxed.