Beware of Agoraphobia

After remaining home for more than a month under lockdown, chances of a person developing psychological problems are high. One of the most common psychological disorders that could affect people after isolation/observation is Agoraphobia.

It is an anxiety disorder of developing anxiety while spending time alone in the open spaces such as public transit, shopping centers etc., or simply being outside the home alone. During this time the person may feel insecure and find no way to escape from that hazardous environment or he may need a companion for going outside the home.


Fear of being alone outside home or open spaces like shopping malls, cinema theater, elevators, queue, public spaces etc.

Feeling unsafe and need of finding space to escape from the dangerous environment.

While spending time outside home, there may be chances of the heart beat getting irregular.

Experiencing difficulty in breathing.

Experiencing stress, headache, chest pain or dizziness

Over sweating


Feeling of losing self control

Fear of death

It may not be true that after recovering from the symptoms the person may get fully relieved from the disease as it may re appear later.

Agoraphobia can limit a person’s life prospects. The person may not be able to engage in the day to day activities or spend time with friends and relatives as earlier, which may force him into Depression or start using alcohol and drugs.