Billie Eilish protests against body shaming by stripping

Pop star and Emmy Award winner, Billie Eilish is famous for her unique dressing sense and fashion. This 18-year-old teenager usually wears bright coloured clothes that are very loose. She has a lot of fans as well as critics for her style of dressing that is hardly revealing. She is often dragged into conversations where singers wearing revealing clothes are blamed and criticized.

But, Billie has an apt reply to all this. She gives this reply on the first day of her world tour itself. Her reply was seen in the images that were displayed on her performance stage on Tuesday night in Miami. Her protests against body shaming are clear and strong from what she said when the image of her removing her top and walking into the black waters are displayed.

These are some of her words to her fans as well as critics from the two-minute long video. “I am not considered a woman when I wear comfortable clothes. I’m considered a whore when I wear revealing clothes. Why do you look at my body in a strange and prejudiced manner?”