Bollywood  hero Hrithik Roshan is also a  textbook  hero

Considered one of the most handsome men in the world, Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan is also a textbook hero. His life story is now being taught in Class 6 in the Metric schools of Tamil Nadu as part of value education for students. It is under the chapter of ‘Self confidence’ in the textbook Life and Values imprinted by S. Chand Publications, says a report in Deccan Chronicle.

Hrithik was born into the rich and famous Roshan family. He grew up with a stammer and has an extra finger on his right hand, which others made fun of. He also had scoliosis.  He overcame all difficulties with self confidence and treatment before becoming an actor.

While this news is lesser-known, a Twitter user shared:

The WAR actor’s life story has also been immortalized in international author Ben Brooks’ book titled Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different, the report said.