Boosting Libido

Libido or the sex drive is extremely important in having a health sex life. It varies between individuals and it is not necessarily a problem that one has a low libido. But there are a large range of methods which could be followed for a higher level of libido. There are quite a lot of factors that affect the libido which includes anxiety, health issues, age, and relationship issues. Though not problematic, low levels of libido can have its negative effects on the self-esteem of the individual and also on the relationships of the person.   Below are some ways to boost libido:

Methods that can be followed by both males and females:

  1. Managing anxiety along with regular exercise
  2. Improving the quality of relationship by increasing the quality time spend together and with open communication.
  3. Increasing the focus on foreplay rather than directly moving into penetrative sex can help improve the sexual experience and can contribute to the increase in libido.
  4. Having good-quality sleep
  5. Following a nutritious diet which is rich in vegetables and lean proteins and also low in sugar can promote circulation and heart health and subsequently boost libido.
  6. Maintaining an appropriate weight
  7. Try sex therapy if required
  8. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Boosting libido in males

Testosterone replacement therapy can increase the testosterone levels in males and subsequently increase libido. Along with libido enhancement, this therapy can also help in reducing depression, and improving erectile function.

Moreover, food items rich in zinc, Vitamin-D and Omega-3fatty acids can help in increasing the levels of testosterone and result in a higher sex drive.

Boosting libido in females

In females, libido can be enhanced with estrogen replacement therapy and with food habits which can help in increasing the levels of estrogen. Vaginal dryness is factor which can reduce libido and this can be solved by using lubricants during sexual activity. There are certain birth control pills which decrease libido and if in doubt, it is always advised to consult a doctor and change the pill type if necessary