Breakfast myths debunked

There have been many studies in the past on the importance of breakfast and some studies claimed that eating breakfast can help in weight loss whereas some other studies claimed that skipping breakfast makes you obese. However, a recent study has debunked all these by claiming that there is no evidence to prove either of the two aforementioned theories.

Breakfast traditions and preferences differ from place to place and regardless of what is eaten, breakfast is believed to be essential for a healthy life as it provides the nutrients and energy required for the body to start a day. A team of researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia analyzed 12 randomized controlled trials from the past 28 years. The study disproved the earlier studies with two findings:

  • There is no clear evidence to prove that eating breakfast has a positive effect on weight-loss
  • Skipping breakfast does not make people hungrier and subsequently obese.

The research had participants who were both habitual and non-habitual breakfast eaters with different body weights. Despite certain limitations, the authors explain that the evidence gathered by all the studies conducted till date does not support diets for adults that include eating breakfast as a good strategy for weight loss.