Breath Counting Meditation

Meditation can be a Yoga procedure that simultaneously calms both body and mind. It can also be defines as a technique for enhancing happiness in life and as a method of improving concentration and contentment. Meditation empowers a person to divert his or her thoughts from negativity and to focus on the goodness of the present, thus enabling one to live one’s life to the fullest. Breath Counting Meditation is one of such meditations that help a person enjoy the moment to the fullest through complete awareness.

Breathing is a process where mind and body intersects. If we live close to our breath, we would experience a kind of peace that penetrates all aspects of life. Emotions always affect the breathing process of a human being. Hence normal breathing takes place when an individual is at peace.

To practice this meditation, take a comfortable seating position and keep your hands in the Cosmic Mudra (keeping the left palm over the right one, with the thumbs touching each other. Make sure that both the palms are facing upwards) and place them on your lap. Try smiling and concentrate on your breathing. Even if you are not able to concentrate completely on breathing, count after each breath and this will eventually help. Keep counting your breaths and if you lose track in between, start from the beginning again.

In the beginning, do this just for two minutes. Gradually increase the time and the results will amaze you. Your confidence would be boosted and your thoughts would be clear. You will experience that your concentration  and will power have improved.

As you move forward you would experience that you are covered by an aura of peace where happiness blooms. This is something to be experienced and not explained. Take a short break from your life to practice this meditation and you will find that your life has absolutely changed.