British Airways Serves KFC Instead of Planned Meal on 12-Hour Flight Due to Catering Mishap – Video

On a recent 12-hour long-haul British Airways flight, passengers were in for a surprising dining experience when a catering mishap led to an unconventional meal service. The incident took place during the BA252 flight on June 23, departing from Turks and Caicos and landing in London after a lengthy journey through the skies.

The unfortunate incident occurred when all the originally planned meals had to be disposed of due to a catering error. As a mid-journey stop in the Bahamas, the flight crew faced the challenge of satisfying the passengers’ appetites without the usual meal options. In a creative move, they arranged for KFC fried chicken to be served onboard.

Passengers were captured in a video, with flight attendants offering pieces of chicken from a KFC bucket. However, the meal allocation was far from the typical gourmet service, as reportedly, only one chicken leg was served per passenger.

The situation sparked discontent among some passengers, with one individual mentioning the lack of compensation for the inconvenience caused. However, a British Airways spokesperson defended the flight crew’s actions, citing their limited options in the face of the catering mishap. They assured that the crew acted quickly to ensure passengers had something to eat during the flight.

Despite some social media backlash, a few users, including a flight attendant from another airline, empathized with the challenges faced by the British Airways crew. They pointed out that the fault lay with the catering company and not the airline itself.

In conclusion, a catering gaffe led British Airways to substitute the original gourmet meal with KFC on a 12-hour flight, leaving some passengers dissatisfied but understanding of the challenges faced by the crew.