Coronavirus: Let your homes be healthy and hygienic

It is not just enough that we wash our hands and body well to keep us away from the coronavirus. It is time to disinfect our homes too. While keeping away from handshakes and hugs for greeting each other, let’s remember to keep our homes healthy and hygienic so that coronavirus does not take away the lives of our loved ones. Here, we can understand what we need to do to disinfect our homes.

Disinfect areas that are frequently used or touched

Firstly, we must disinfect areas in our homes that are commonly and frequently used or touched. These maybe door handles, fridge door, cabinet handles, the kitchen sink and the remote control. We always tend to touch these articles carelessly without washing our hands especially when we come home after going out for some reason. Therefore, these are the places that need to be disinfected first. For disinfection, a good disinfectant should be used and these areas should be wiped at least twice a day.

Spray a disinfectant for our couches and sofas

Care should be taken to disinfect couches and sofas in our homes. It is not necessary that these are just wiped as this procedure is not effective. For effectively disinfecting these items, it is good to use a disinfectant to spray on them. After disinfecting in this manner, they should be used only once they are dry. These disinfectants can be sprayed on tables, counter tops and even beds.

Use a bleach mixture for disinfecting the floor

Once we reach our home after attending any function we bring with us a whole lot of microbes through our legs. These are known to enter our homes along with us. Hence, we should take great care to wash the floors of our bathrooms and kitchens using a solution of bleach mixture. The mixture can be prepared by adding and mixing one cup bleaching powder with the required amount of water. However, this mixture should not be used on wooden objects or wooden floors. Instead, these can be cleaned using a mixture of half cup white vinegar in 4 liters of water.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is an excellent disinfectant and is used not just for cleaning our nails and teeth. These can be directly used on the sink and toilet tops. After leaving it like that for fifteen minutes it can be cleaned well using water.