Coronovirus crisis is likely to continue till 2022: Experts

Articles published by various experts on different portals warn that the impact of the coronavirus crisis may linger till 2022. In one of such articles published by Bloomberg News, Harvard researchers alert that some sort of social distancing against COVID-19 may be needed even in 2022.

One-time social distancing would not be effective and may not make any considerable change in the severity of the impact of the disease writes Marc Lipsitch and colleagues from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Science. In fact, there are chances of resurgence of the disease more worryingly as SARS-CoV-2 could revive through 2024.

However, According to Washington Post, United States may gradually reopen educational institutions,restaurents ect. According to the CDC and FEMA there is a 3-phase plan aims to accelerate the production of test kit and PPE and after that there could be step by step reopening.

In India too there have been more relaxations announced for  industries,food processing units and construction sites to operate under certain conditions.