Dealing with summer in the Ayurveda Style

Seasons keep on changing and now Indians are in the season, which is known as the ‘Utharayana kala’ in Sanskrit, wherein the heat of the sun is at its peak.  Ayurveda sees this season as the one in which Sun absorbs all the energy in our body. With climate changes across the world, heat during summer has increased drastically and Sunstroke is now replaced summer hypothermia. Summer hypothermia is the condition wherein the temperature of the body goes down drastically owing to the heavy sweating and subsequent dehydration. This is usually symptomized by fatigue and continuous fever.

According to the ‘Greeshmakalacharya’ in Ayurveda, there are some tips that can help us deal with the scorching heat and with dehydration. There are accepts on various liquid concoctions in the ‘Ashtangahrudaya’ that can help us deal with the same. ‘Panjasaram’ (which is a concoction made by fermenting bananas and jackfruits in a mud pot); ‘Amrapanaka’ (made with ripe mangoes), Rasalam, Ragam, Ghandavam etc. are among these concoctions.

There is also a concoction made with green mangoes that can help deal with dehydration and subsequent loss of minerals in the body. Green mango is extremely rich in Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Folic acid and almost all Vitamins and is highly regarded in Ayurveda in terms of its medical properties. Below is the recipe for the concoction made with green mangoes that will help dealing with the problems in summer.

Cut green mangoes into small pieces, add a small piece of ginger and a green chili along with some salt, and blend it with some water to make a thick liquid. Drain out the liquid and keep it in the fridge. Use when required adding enough water. Pepper can be added if required and salt can be replaced by sugar. Adding mint leaves and cardamom will enhance the taste if added with sugar.

Dr. Shabu Pattambi ([email protected]),
medical officer at Mulayankavu, Kulukkallur.