Diamonds for Health and Wealth

According to  Indian tradition, diamond is considered  the gem of Venus. Subsequently, wearing diamonds have been attributed with many effects and many of them are deep rooted in the Indian mind-set. It is commonly assumed that diamonds would bring in good fortunes along with health benefits. There is a tradition that says that diamonds were useful to protect bones from various ailments. Moreover, it is considered beneficial for reproductive organs, penile discharge, eyes, jaws, cheeks, face, uterus, intestine etc. As a result, in India it is very common to wear a ring or a chain with diamonds on it. There have been many who have testified that they were healed from their ailments after wearing diamonds.

In the Indian tradition, Venus is considered the God of sex, beauty, art and wealth. So diamond, which is supposed to be the gem of Venus, is worn to earn these fortunes. It is believed that by wearing diamonds a person would become more handsome, healthier and wealthier. Moreover, it is also believed that those wearing diamonds tend to be more creative and attractive which would subsequently result in more power and prestige in society.

Though available in different colors, white diamond is considered the most precious one. Majority of the astrologers suggest that diamonds be worn on the middle finger of either of the hands or as a locket. It can be suspended on gold, white gold and silver jewelries and it is advisable to wear them on Friday night after the dawn of Venus.