Diet Therapy

Modern life style has had extremely negative impacts on the food style and culture of the people. Modern food style includes a lot of unhealthy food items and preparation styles, which may seem to be good in taste, but would lead to major problems later on in life. According to Diet Therapy, the food should have its original essence, taste and smell, and preferably consumed in its natural form. Cooking, according to this therapy should be at its minimum.

These diets are broadly classified into three types, which are as follows:

Eliminative Diet: This diet is aimed at cleansing the body and is employed during sickness and majorly includes liquids (Lemon and Citric juices, Tender Coconut Water, Vegetable Soups, Buttermilk, Wheatgrass Juices etc.).

Soothing Diet: This type of diet gives a comfortable feeling without taxing the physical system and is hence employed during the recovery period. It includes fruits, salads, boiled/steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney etc.

Constructive Diet: This diet is meant for healthy individuals and consists of wholesome flour, unpolished rice, pulses, sprouts, curd etc.

Being alkaline, these diets help in improving health, thus purifying the body and rendering it immune to diseases.