Drinking alcohol may increase chance of catching coronavirus: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) asks people to minimize  alcohol consumption during the coronavirus pandemic as  drinking can cause “health vulnerability, risk-taking behaviors, mental health issues and violence”.

According to the WHO report: “Alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes.

“Therefore, people should minimize their alcohol consumption at any time, and particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The world body warns people not to believe the myth that drinking can protect people from coronavirus – instead, it can make people more vulnerable to it.

WHO EURO’s Program Manager for Alcohol and Illicit Drugs, Carina Ferreira-Borges, said high booze consumption could risk “too many victims.”

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we should really ask ourselves what risks we are taking in leaving people under lockdown in their homes with a substance that is harmful both in terms of their health and the effects of their behavior on others, including violence,” she said.