Every moment of life gives the feel of meditation

Meditation is the easiest rejuvenation process that keeps the body and mind stress-free and relaxed. It is often better than medicines to alleviate general health problems. We can practice meditation even when indulging in any act of life.

There are many meditation  techniques  available which help one  reach a state of  mental transformation  wherein thoughtlessness meets a completely relaxed body.  

Being so, we tend to recognise the fact that meditation  is a process of living each moment with complete awareness. In other words,  being completely  aware or conscious of things, would bring peace of mind and bliss and therefore you fully live in each moment.

In that state what remains is  pure bliss of awareness and  happiness. There would  not be a pinch of  ego or selfishness as the thought of ‘I’  vanishes as we completely immerse in the Nature and become one with it.

This experience can be assimilated from  each sphere of life.

Look at the process of breathing. It is a natural  mechanism in which we unconsciously take oxygen in and expel carbon dioxide. However, when we do this meditatively we tend to recognise the fact that when we take breath in we  are breathing the entire universe into ourselves and  in exhalation the universe is taking us into its innermost core.  

So is the case with water. Water is like love. It is a gift given by Mother Nature. It cleanses our body as well as soul. We pour  down water on our body while taking a bath.  Apart from the benefits of a cold shower, which has been scientifically proved as the natural remedy for hypertension and stress relief, it can also be a meditative experience. 

The importance of water and your body

1.Experience the coolness of water when we consciously pour  it down on our body.

2.Pour water on  each part of the body .  You can experience the coolness of water relaxes it.

3.Aware  of the fact that when water falls on each  part, it is purified by the purity of Nature.

4.Be aware of the preciousness of water and each drop which falls on our body is a gift of Mother Nature.

5.Know that in this short period  of life, we are fortunate to have such experiences of coolness and purity.

6.Realise that your body is a valley in this universe and water poured on it is the rain gifted by Mother Nature.

7.It is like incessant pouring down of love.. be immersed in it.

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