Fairness Tips from Ayurveda 

The ancient medical science of Ayurveda has been proved effective in improving health and curing ailments unlike the modern medicine, which is always followed by an array of side effects. Ayurveda has some unique treatment methods to enhance the physical beauty. These being natural and not involving the artificial chemicals, prove to be better than the fairness creams and beauty enhancement practices prevalent today. Following are some of such tips widely prescribed by the Ayurveda practitioners in Kerala.

  1. Ayurveda always suggests oil for the enhancement of health and beauty. Applying oil on the body and massaging it for almost 20 minutes before bath can promote smoothness and brightness of the skin and hair. Ayurveda also proposes proper nutrition, exercise and cleanliness as the most important factors in improving and sustaining physical beauty. While Eladi thailam, balaswagandhadi thailam, dhanwantharam kuzhambu, sahacharadikuzhambu are suggested for applying on the body, Neelabringadi thailam, Neelabringadi kera thailam, chemparuthyadi kera thailam, pamanthaka thailam, kayyanyadi kera thailam, kunthalakanthi oiletc. are prescribed for the nourishment fo hair.
  2. Ayurveda suggests lukewarm water for bathing but care must be taken that you don’t pour it over your head. Use the warm water only for the body. Generally green gram and gooseberry powders are better to remove oil and dirt from the body than shampoo or soap which may create dandruff in the head and make the skin dry respectively.
  3. Turmeric is a certified remedy to magnify facial beauty. Applying raw turmeric will increase the glow and remove the pimples from the face.
  4. The drained mixture of Menispermum, Scutch grass,turmeric, Sesame,gall nut etc after boiling these in milk is an effective remedy for pimples on the face. This mixture also helps in improving the glow of the face.
  5. Applying grained turmeric after adding some salt will remove the unwanted hair from the face.
  6. A mixture of eladichoornam and nimbaharidradi churnam taken along with milk will help increase the glow of the face.
  7. Applying Nalpamaradi thailam and kumkumadi tailamcan also be effective in improving the fairness of the skin.
  8. Adding the peel of three-leaved caper to milk and smearing the mixture on the face will efface the black shades on the face.