Fasting improves body metabolism and impacts the anti-aging process

The research study conducted by the scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Japan experimented on 4 individuals and the study shows evident hints towards fasting being capable of improving the body metabolism and supporting the anti-aging process.

Published in the journal named Scientific Reports, the study hopes to find ways of receiving the benefits of fasting without prolonged periods of not eating by understanding the metabolic processes involved. The whole blood samples of the 4 individuals were analyzed using metabolomics at regular intervals as the individuals went on a 58 hours fast

During the period of fasting, the researchers found out certain specific features of body metabolism as follows:

  • Availability of Carbohydrates owing to increase in the metabolites including carnitines, and butyrate.
  • Increase in the products of citric acid cycle
  • Increase in levels of purine and pyrimidine which shows increased protein synthesis and gene expression function.
  • Increased production of anti-aging compounds in the body which include metabolites like leucine, isoleucine, and ophthalmic acid.

In all four volunteers, a steady increase of 44 metabolites (some of which increased 60-fold) were noticed

The research still needs more experiments to be conducted on a larger sample. But it is sure that the findings of this research will indeed open up new horizons.