Fighting diabetes with Turmeric and Gooseberry

Living healthy is not an easy task and requires conscious effort and persistence. Diabetes is a medical condition many suffer from and regulating it is not easy. It can occur at any age and could last lifelong. Though taking medicines can help to an extent, it is not as effective as the natural treatment. Genetic factors and life style can both lead to diabetes and it is important to know some tips to keep this disease away.

Gooseberries and turmeric have been found effective for diabetes from ancient times and many still don’t know about these two effective remedies for diabetes.

The following Ottamoolis has been found effective in dealing with diabetes

  • Take equal portions of turmeric extract and gooseberry extract and add some honey to this. This medicine if taken early in the morning in empty stomach can help deal with diabetes. 
  • Adding turmeric powder to gooseberry extract can also help fight diabetes. 
  • Make a watery paste of turmeric and gooseberry and consuming it in empty stomach every day morning can be an effective treatment for diabetes. Applying this paste on face can also help remove unwanted hair from the face and also to improve the glow of the face. 
  • A decoction made from gooseberry with a pinch of turmeric powder and some honey can be extremely helpful in effectively dealing with diabetes. 

There are some factors to be considered before taking the above mentioned ottamoolis.

Those who are under medication for diabetes must consult their doctor before taking this medicine. If not it might end up in undesirable effects. 

The above mentioned mixtures are not just effective for diabetes but also for many other health conditions as given below:

  • These mixtures help in expelling the toxins from the body. Accumulation of toxins may result in negative health conditions and can be really serious too. 
  • These are also effective in keeping the blood pressure under control
  • The above mentioned mixtures can help in burning the unnecessary fat, thereby resulting in controlled levels of body cholesterol.