Foods To Reduce Inflammation

With more attention being paid into various aspects of modern medicine, people are now aware of the harmful effects of synthesized medicine and there is subsequent shift to natural medicine in the recent times. There are specific herbs that can cure a variety of diseases. Taking inflammation and related diseases into consideration, there are a variety of herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties. However, there is a considerable lack of evidence in majority of these claims.

Though inflammation is the body’s primary defense mechanism against infections, wounds, and other forms of harm, in many cases, inflammation in itself can be of harm as it could result in tissue damage.

Following are some herbs that can help deal with inflammations.


Turmeric contains a chemical known as curcumin and this has anti-inflammatory properties. It limits the production of a specific kind of molecules called cytokines which is responsible for inflammations. The curcumin is turmeric has the most substantial evidence in terms of anti-inflammatory properties and therefore is the most widely used herb for dealing with inflammations.


A tropical plant that has been traditionally used in many natural medicines, ginger contains constituents which can control the production of cytokins and also effectively deal with the enzyme called cyclooxygenase which promote inflammation. Thus it can be an effective herb in dealing with arthritis and pain.

Green Tea

Studies have proved that Green tea, with its specific components is capable of disrupting the process that cause inflammation in arthritis  and to effectively deal with inflammation in individuals with metabolic disorders.

Though there are no much research available, there are other herbs which have been used in treating inflammations that include thyme, white willow bark, frankincense and resveratrol.