Forgiveness and its positive effects

Forgiveness is not an easy process. At the same time, the effects of this difficult process are quite impressive. Studies suggest that forgiveness is associated with the following positive effects on life:

  • lower levels of depression, anxiety and hostility
  • reduced nicotine dependence and substance abuse
  • Higher levels of positive emotions, satisfaction, social support

Conflicts and anger don’t just weigh down the spirit. Rather, it can lead to physical and mental health issues like handling our physiological homeostasis and emotional homeostasis.

There’s nothing wrong with being angry. It is quite natural for any human being to get angry. But when anger is very deep and long lasting, it can have quite a lot of detrimental effects on our life.When you get rid of anger, your muscles relax, you’re less anxious, you have more energy and your immune system strengthens.

This can be achieved by forgiving others which might appear to be extremely difficult at times, but is not impossible.