Global coronavirus cases exceed 5 million: Johns Hopkins

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of global coronavirus cases has surpassed 5 million, while the death toll has surged to 328,000.

Among countries U.S has the most number of cases and deaths. The cases in the country exceeded 1.59 million and death tally increased to 94,276.

The U.S. reported 45,251 new cases on Tuesday, according to the agency. Russia had the second most reported cases Tuesday at 9,263, according to the WHO.

In terms of cases, it is Russia with 318,705 cases have been the second largest followed by Brazil (296K), the UK (251 K), Spain (233K), Italy (228K), France (144K), Germany (179K), Turkey (154K) and Iran (129K).

Meanwhile, in terms of deaths it is U. K in the second position where 36,042 deaths have been registered so far.

Italy (32,486), France (28,215), Spain (27,940) and Brazil (19,148) have registered more than 10, 000 deaths as of today.

The countries around the world including the US, India, Denmark, and Italy have started  easing lockdown restrictions even though number of cases continues to rise. ANI reported.