Gomuthra (Cow Urine) and Ayurveda

Setting aside various political and religious debates about cow and gomuthra in India, Ayurveda Practitioners assert that  according to Ayurveda, Gomutra has very significant medicinal properties which are extremely useful in dealing with various health conditions.

Cow urine is just one of the 8 types of urine that are used in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. Sushrutha, Charaka and Vagbada have also explained in detail about the medicinal properties of urine.  Urine has the qualities of Theekshna Ushna, Rooksha Guna and is therefore effective in dealing with various ailments that affect pancreas, piles, skin diseases, Vitiligo, Anemia etc.

It has anti-bacterial properties and enhances the process of digestion. It consists of 95% water, 2.5% Urea, minerals, about 24 types of salts, hormones etc. thus proving to be beneficial for health.

From various studies, it has been proved that Gomutra has antibiotic properties and are capable of effectively dealing with Gram positive and negative bacteria.

It is even effective in infections by Resistant Bb EColi and KIebsiella Pneumonia. These properties could be attributed to the presence of carbolic acid, phenol, manganese, amino acids and urinary peptides in Gomuthra. With anti-fungal properties and is effective in treating infeststions of aspergillus Species and Malassezia fungus. Gomuthra collected from cows consuming natural foods is effective than those consuming artificially created foods.

Gomuthra is also a bio-enhancer and thereby improves the effectiveness and bioavailability of medicines such as. Shaddharanam Tablets, Chithrakasavam, Gomutra Hareethika, Mandoors Vadakam Punarnavamandooram etc. It has also been proved that when used with antibiotics, gomutra reduces the drug resistance and makes it more effective.

Event though Gomuthra has many significant medicinal properties, the doctors advise that it should be used under the strict guidance of authorized Ayurveda practitioners.