Gooseberry Best To Take In The Time of Pandemic: Ayurveda

According to ayurveda Amla or Gooseberry is a fruit of greatest benefits as it contains medicinal properties as well as sufficient nutrients. With the richness of Vitamin C that assures adequate immunity, gooseberry has been more valuable during this time of coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, one of the three ingredients of Thriphala , a popular medicine in Ayurveda , validates the importance of gooseberry in Ayurveda.

Ashtanga Hrudayam, one of the authentic texts of Ayurveda says Thriphala is very effective in the treatment of skin, eye problems, diabetes, obesity, wounds and to abate kapha, raktha and pittha doshas.

Even though there are numerous other benefits, in the times of coronavirus pandemic, we here look at Thriphala’s immuno modulatory effect first.
Immuno modulatory effect is the system that standardizes immunity equilibrium by synthesizing immuno suppression or immuno stimulation.
In various researches, it has been found that Thriphala augments Neutrophil and microphage activities.

Standardizing the reduced level of IL-2, IFN-Y and capacity   to maintain IL-4 level by not allowing to increase its quantity underline Thriphala’s capacity to maintain the immunity power.

Even though Thriphala can only be taken according to the instructions of a physician, when it comes to maintaining immunity and if there are no other ailments, a person can consume it on his own choice.

A healthy person can take one teaspoon Thriphala choornam adding some honey to it either in the morning before breakfast or in the   night, one hour before going to bed.

Other Benefits of Gooseberry:

  • Amla is a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins. Its therapeutic value is indescribable and incredible. It is very popular as a rich source of Vitamin C. Consuming amla everyday in any form, as a medicine, fresh fruit, dry, powder, tasty pickle, candies or juice can enhance immunity and prevent many lifestyle diseases and keep the body young and healthy.
  • Amla has been accepted as a very powerful natural medicine by both modern and traditional medical systems across the world. Chayavan Prash in Ayurveda is a very popular medicine in India for rejuvenation and longevity as regular consumption of it keeps the body disease-free and young.
  • Its amazing medical properties help cure diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, cough, flatulence, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, skin diseases, leprosy, inflammation, anaemia, re jaundice, diarrhoea, dysentery, cardiac disorders and greyness of hair.
  • Amla is sour in taste, yet people love it as the sourness turns sweet in the mouth later. Now efforts are being made to produce many products out of it, which are less sour and tastier such as candies.
  • It is considered as a treasure house of medical properties. This big bead- like light green super fruit contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins, which enhance immunity and rejuvenate body cells, Vitamin C, which is 20-times more in an orange and many health-giving nutrients. Regular use of it is very helpful in reducing aggressiveness of many life-threatening diseases, such as “cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, inflammation, liver disorder, brain degeneration, digestive condition and age-related eye problems,” researchers say.
  • The anti-ageing property in it improves internal and external ageing as we grow old by protecting youthfulness of the body and skin health. It also prevents inflammation. It is also helpful in reducing arthritis-related pain.
  • Amla is found very helpful in containing influenza virus.
  • The antioxidants in amla are well-known for their capability to protect the “retina of eyes from oxidative stress and reduce risk of cataract,” say experts.
  • The very high Vitamin C content in amla is beneficial for maintaining a healthy hair and scalp.
  • It is also a good mouthwash. Rinsing mouth with amla water can help get rid of mouth ulcers.
  • Amla is fibre-rich and it strengethens the digestive system and prevents constipation.
  • It is also good for liver and intestine. Doctors also recommend it as a cardio tonic which can remove blocks in the heart. It is also found good in reducing bad cholesterol and hypertension. It can purify blood and prevent or control diabetes.
  • Amla is a wonder fruit, available across the world. Regular consumption of it under the proper guidance of a doctor can help one maintain a healthy life.

Fighting diabetes with Turmeric and Gooseberry

Gooseberries and turmeric have been found effective for diabetes from ancient times and many still don’t know about these two effective remedies for diabetes.
The following home remedies has been found effective in dealing with diabetes
Adding turmeric powder to gooseberry extract can also help fight diabetes.

  • Make a watery paste of turmeric and gooseberry and consuming it in empty stomach every day morning can be an effective treatment for diabetes. Applying this paste on face can also help remove unwanted hair from the face and also to improve the glow of the face.

The above mentioned mixture are not just effective for diabetes but also for many other health conditions as given below:

  • These mixtures help in expelling the toxins from the body. Accumulation of toxins may result in negative health conditions and can be really serious too.
  • These are also effective in keeping the blood pressure under control
    The above mentioned mixtures can help in burning the unnecessary fat, thereby resulting in controlled levels of body cholesterol.

Benefits of Gooseberry Powder:

Gooseberry powder is also an effective solution to many diseases. Drying gooseberries in sunlight, powdering it and then consuming it with water or honey have quite a lot of medicinal properties. Below are some properties of Gooseberry powder.

  • Gooseberry powder is a high source of vitamin C which subsequently enhances the immunity power, along with strengthening the blood vessels.
  • The content of chromium insulin in gooseberry powder controls the glucose content in the blood and thus helps in regulating diabetes.
  • Gooseberry powder is beneficial in the effective treatment of acidity and ulcers in the stomach. Taking gooseberry powder with butter is effective in dealing with hyper acidity.

Other Preparations:

  • Chutney made of gooseberry,ginger,coconut,tomato,curry leaf and red chilli is very tasty and nutritious too.
  • Drinking Buttermilk adding ginger,lemon,gooseberry and curry leaf helps in abating the thirst as well as a good salubrious drink too.

Courtesy: Dr.Sharmad Khan,Dr.Shobu