Gooseberry Tea for good shape

Obesity and potbelly are not rare conditions any more. With the changes in the lifestyle as a result of technological advancements and changing food preferences , these conditions are now neither gender specific nor age specific.

Taking the aid of artificial methods of enhancing the physical shape and controlling obesity can be extremely harmful to the body and it is desirable that one depend on natural methods which include the consumption of certain food items like gooseberry.

Rich in Vitamin C, gooseberries are effective in dealing with diabetes and many such diseases. Moreover, it helps in effectively expelling the unnecessary fat from the body. It is also effective in treating diseases caused by malnutrition and is a prominent ingredient in many Ayurveda medicines even from the ancient times.

Gooseberries are also beneficial for skin and hair as it is rich in calcium and iron. Being rich in antioxidants, it is effective in dealing with excessive fat in the body.

Consumption of gooseberries help in enhancing the process of digestion and this helps in pushing out the unnecessary fat along with various toxins from the body and what helps in enhancing digestion is the high fiber content.

Gooseberries are also effective in controlling the glucose content in the blood as it is rich in Chromium. This prevents the sudden hikes in the glucose content and subsequent problem of diabetes.

Metabolic processes and the process of absorbing the protein from various foods are also boosted by the consumption of gooseberries. It thus helps in improving the stamina.

Gooseberry tea prepared using gooseberries and ginger is effective in enhancing the body shape. Add one teaspoon of gooseberry powder to one and a quarter glass of water. Add crushed ginger to this and boil it in medium heat to reduce it to one cup. You can consume it after adding honey according to one’s taste the power of gooseberry tea to reduce unnecessary fat can also be attributed to the ginger that is added in the tea. Consuming this concoction early in the morning and at night everyday can help one to reduce the unnecessary fat in the body.