Easy Meditation Technique For Happiness, Love and Inner Peace

Everything in this Universe is connected and nothing remains as a separate entity according to the Buddhist perspective. Nobody has a separate entity which is different from the universe and everything is dependent on everything else. Just as a flower requires sunlight from the sun and nutrition and water from the soil to bloom into a flower, human being also requires support and power from the universe to blossom.

Just like a flower being a combination of the various elements and thus becoming nature itself, Human being is also a part of the Universe and the Universe itself. What makes human being different from other creations is the consciousness that he possesses.

When human being becomes self-conscious, he considers himself a separate identity and this separation brings in unhappiness and suffering. Meditation is the best way out of this pain and gratitude meditation is one among the many meditation techniques.

  • Sit erect in a comfortable place and concentrate on the breath. Be conscious of the surroundings and try meditating on the preciousness of the universe. Feel the sunlight touching your body and the soft breeze touching your soul. Imagine that the sunlight and wind covers your whole body that you are emanating the light and soft touch from your body.
  • Imagine that this sunlight of Joy and Love is now spreading from you and passing to other people and things that they are now connecting with you through this love.
  • At this point of time, you will be able to realize that the universe is infinite and that you are in this point of time in the place where you are. You would thus realize the preciousness of the moment and that everything around you is a part of you that birds are chirping and the flowers and plants are dangling for you only. This realization would give birth to the feeling of gratitude for everything that you are and everything that you have.  You would also be able feel good about the good things that you have done for others.
  • At this moment, happiness and bliss will blossom in your heart and would fill your soul, helping you to smile at the universe. Memorize all the good things you got from this life and think that everybody is smiling at you with the same gratitude. This moment of love and tranquility can alleviate all thoughts and sufferings and can bring utmost joy.

Daily practice of this meditation in the morning can improve mental and physical health thus making the whole day beautiful.