Health Benefits Of Honey Gooseberry

A fond dish and a very nutritious food, gooseberries preserved in Honey have a variety of Medicinal properties. It is very effective for the proper functioning of the liver and can prevent diseases like jaundice. It also helps in detoxifying the liver by removing the bile pigment in the liver. Gooseberries preserved in honey also have anti-aging properties which delays the aging of the skin and improves the energy in the body. Gooseberries preserved in honey are also capable of reducing the risk of Asthma as it contains a lot of anti-oxidants which removes the free radicals from the lungs.

Gooseberries preserved in honey are also effective in treating cold, cough, throat infection, constipation, piles and anemia. It is also capable of increasing the appetite


Using a sharp knife, slice the gooseberries. The seed inside will be very hard, and so to extract the flesh, place the knife and gently pat on the top using a hard object. You can thus easily slit open the fruit.

Have the honey bottle ready. Make sure the bottle you are going to use is clean and dry. Pour the honey into the bottle, and drop the gooseberries into it. Slowly pour more honey into the bottle until you cover the entire gooseberries in the bottle. Shake gently and cover the mouth with a muslin cloth.It would be ready to be consumed after 15 days.