Home remedies to treat winter ailments

Winter is a season of ailments and skin related problems. Usually, women face such problems more often than men. Some precautions may help to resist these difficulties during the cold season. Following are some tips that can help overcome such issues:

  • Cracked heel is a common problem during the winter season. Cleaning the affected heel using salt water and patting it with cotton towel is a good remedy. Use soft chapels and moisturizing so that the problem is not worsened.
  • During this season, some women may face itching on the whole body. This can be controlled by avoiding the practice of using soap while bathing. Use of mint spray can also be of help.
  • Add half-teaspoon olive oil and Pindathaylam(an Ayurveda medicine) into water before taking bath to avoid dry skin and to keep the skin healthy and fresh.
  • Using gram flour or pea powder instead of bathing soap would help improve the skin health during this season.
  • Smearing butter over the affected areas will help cure cracked lips. Intake of citrus juices which are rich in Vitamin C is recommended throughout the season.
  • Smearing a mixture of henna and turmeric will cure whit low. A mixture of turmeric and neem oil can also be an effective solution for this problem
  • Healthy diet with which includes more of ginger, banana,sweet potato, beetroot etc. is a good choice for this season.