Simple Meditation Techniques To Lead A Peaceful Life

Having the true emotion in you is not as easy as it might seem to be. It requires dropping a mindset always directed towards achievements and competition. It also requires that you stop judging, not just others, but also your own thoughts and emotions. This would trigger the formation of pure consciousness which is filled with nothing but love.  There would not even pinch of hatred in you and you would be filled with gratitude towards existence and others. This in turn would help in the development of a pure soul which is always sympathetic and empathetic. This state of bliss could help an individual lead a stress-free life and the following techniques could lead you to it.

The most basic requirement for happiness is dropping the attitude which is full of needs and desires. This helps in being aware of the inner self rather than being concern about needs and desires.

  • One activity that you could do towards this is being mindful. Lie down comfortably and slowly breathe in and out. Allow your body to relax completely. Be aware of every organ in your body one by one and relax. Then bring your attention to your surroundings and be aware of the presence every element. Do not judge. Just observe and be aware. Live completely in that moment acknowledging the existence of everything around you. Let no past haunt you or your future stress you.  Live completely to the moment savoring the flavor of existence. At last, bring your attention to breathing. Enjoy the inner silence waking up to the pure consciousness inside you. This helps you to enjoy the present and every element of it without being judgmental.
  • Another technique is to bring your awareness to your inner self. Go deep into it and there you will encounter pure silence and bliss. After spending enough time, come back to normal and enjoy the moment you once reached while went deep into your soul. Make it the permanent nature of your character. Always concentrate and be aware of this internal silence and see everything and everyone through this silence. Gradually this habit will lead to you a non-judgmental mode helping you to enjoy everything.
  • Each morning wake up thinking that an aura of happiness is surrounding you. Be aware of your internal peace and love. Remember that you are meant to be love.
  • See the children around you. May be because of their innocence and adorable nature,children are not usually judgmental. Identify the children in you and others and this can make you capable to get rid of hatred.
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