Bullying and You


Bullying and harassing has been part of social life since the beginning of time. Many detrimental thoughts and emotions may have constituted this behavior but with the advent of social media, bullying and harassing has taken a different and an uglier turn. Many psychologists and doctors think that cyber bullying might be more dangerous than physical one as it affect the victims’ self-esteem and would last for a last time. It might create many psychological problems like depression, delusional disorder, anxiety, alcohol addiction and drug abuse and the physical effects of these may linger up to ruined immune as well as cardio vascular systems. Moreover, many deaths have been registered across the world due to cyber bullying and majority of them were suicides.

Bullying can take different forms like invalid criticism, exclusion, false allegations, constant bantering, humiliation or unnecessary written warnings and slanders. The worst part of social media is that as a virtual reality a predator can hide himself and attack the target without the mention of any source or specific addressing. People could thus be tormented by a person in disguise and might threateningly feel the intimidation and slander that spreads in their friend circle or group.

It should also be noted an otherwise harmless post may have the capacity to ruin someone’s life as it is quite easy to misinterpret things on a social media platform. It is interesting to note that such misunderstandings can lead to the victim becoming the bully of the one who unintentionally caused the harm.

So what should you do once you started victimizing in Social media?
The first thing you can do is accept it sans hesitation. Accepting the situation as it is, would help you to comprehend the situation and act sensibly. Once you become prey to slander, it is quite natural that you would start thinking that all trolls or posts in social media were created to mock you and that might just be a thought that is your head. Once you accept the fact that you are being bullied, you can move on to analyzing the situation sensibly without falling prey to delusions of this kind.

Next step is to know how to deal with bullying. It is indeed an unfavorable situation but at the same time, it’s always advisable not to freak out. Being angry, annoyed or vengeful is not going to help but rather may lead you to be foolhardy. Instead of focusing on the negativity on a virtual platform, try to be amongst the loved ones who know you for what you are. There is a greater possibility of them, defending you both in real life and on the social media platform. Moreover they might also help you realize your real self and make you understand your own value.

If you know yourself, then there is no need to fret over allegations. Once you start ignoring it you find that all those posts against you have any power on what you are. Remember that in detrimental circumstances it is crucial to control your mind rather than others.

All these are for you to not lose yourself. If the allegations are detrimental and harmful to your future, do make sure that proper legal action is taken against it. At the same time, it is important to be sensible and vigilant on what you do. Make sure you don’t go for a legal action for something that is unnecessary. In such cases, it is always advisable that you be your own boss and neglect what others want you to be. There have been many in the history that has made their critics, their fans.