How To Do Yoga Therapy At Home

Yoga has been proved to be effective in the treatment of various ailments and Yoga therapy has made evident changes in many individuals suffering from diseases like asthma, dyspepsia and hemorrhoids. Yoga therapy makes use of Douthi, especially Jala vama Douthi in treating many ailments.

Jala vama Douthi

Jala vama Douthi is done early in the morning while the stomach is empty. Consume water that is boiled with either Epsom salt or common salt till your stomach is filled. Try throwing up by fingering your throat. Daily perform of this Douthi can keep you healthy by keeping your heart, belly and lungs clean and pure. Another treatment in Ayurveda which is equivalent to Douthi is Virechana in which vomiting is infused whereby the toxins are removed from the body.


This is a part of Yoga therapy that is widely used in the treatment of asthma and lung disorders. This will provide easiness to the muscles in the lungs and the unwanted mucus will be expelled from the body constantly. This will also help in the proper purification of heart and lungs.

Pranayama has to be practiced while in Padmasana. Close the left nostril and breathe in through the right nostril. Now release the air through the left nostril by closing the right nostril.

Practice pranayama  alternatively a few times. This will improve the functioning of the lungs and the brain and is also effective in dealing with anxiety and depression.


Kapalbathi  is a kind of forceful breathing wherein exhalation and inhalation are done exerting power so that a sound that is similar to that of a wind arises in the nostrils. The stomach is pulled inwards while exhalation and pushed outwards while inhalation.

It is advised to perform Kalpabathi thrice a day, with 15 exhalations and inhalations each time. It is also advised to perform this after consulting a doctor as it can be harmful for individuals suffering from heart ailments.