Impressive Health Benefits of Onions

Indian cuisine is never complete with out onions. Onion is not just for cooking moreover it has got medicinal properties too. Onions are rich sources of nutrients and contain components like antioxidants which  help in removing the toxins from the body. Onions have got antibacterial and anti fungal properties and are rich in calcium, sodium, potassium, selenium, and phosphorous. Following are some benefits of onions:

  • Including onions in the diet helps to reduce the quantity of fat in blood and subsequently reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.  It also reduces unwanted clotting of blood caused by platelets deposit.
  • Onions are used in Chinese medicines as an effective medicine against certain types of chest pains .
  • It is effective in reducing Cough, breathing problems, cold, bronchitis, asthma and bacterial infections in the lungs.
  • Consuming Onion extracts mixed with honey can help cure throat pain and cough.
  • Applying onion extract can help reduce the pain of bee sting, scorpion sting and other insect bites. Few drops of onion extracts can help reduce the pain in the ears.
  • A mixture of onion extract and honey or onion extract and olive oil can improve the glow of the skin and also to reduce the pimples.
  • Onions can enhance  sexual energy. Mixing one teaspoon of onion extract and ginger extract and consuming the same thrice a day can help improve the sexual energy.
  • Onions are also helpful in curing acidity and related problems caused by bacteria.
  • Including onions in the food can  accelerate the growth of hair.
  • Consuming onions along with jaggery can help improve the body weight.
  • Water boiled with onions can be effective in treating urinary pain.