Improve the healing power of the body with the Body Mantra Meditation

Even though we appreciate most of the small joys and the small things of beauty in our life, we often fail to appreciate the most beautiful blessing bestowed on us. This is none other than our own beautiful body. Instead of being grateful for this wonderful gift, we often end up hurting our own body with various kinds of junk foods and other unhealthy practices which include stress and tensions. .

Once you start being conscious of your body, you would understand that it is an amazing mechanism which has been functioning since your birth without any interruption. You would then clearly know that your body is the most wonderful gift that you have ever received. Being conscious of your body and being grateful for it will make sure that you behave compassionately towards your body and this will enhance healing and well-being.

Your body would take your commands provided you treat your body well. A well maintained body would function hand in hand with your mind and this will make your life easier. In such situations, your biological clock will wake you up when you want it wake you up and so on. It is always important to choose the most appropriate meditation technique that suits your body and this will help you become one with the Mother Nature and subsequently enhance your health. Following are some of such meditation styles which are known as Body Mantra Meditation.

  • Lie down on a mat and one by one, be aware of each part of your body and chant to it that it belongs to the nature. Now relax that organ and repeat chanting that it belongs to the Mother Nature. After some time, you would understand that you have dissolved in the Mother Nature just as a drop in the ocean. Now be completely aware of everything around you and thus, you would really live in that moment. This will help compassion and empathy bloom in you and you would realize that you have totally become immersed in the nature. This meditation will enhance the healing power of the body and improve the energy of your body. You would become totally relaxed and completely feel happy.
  • Keep your body relaxed and sit erect with your spine straight. Hold your hands in Chinmurda (by holding the thumb and index finger together, freeing the other fingers). Keep on chanting ‘I love my Body’ and regulate your breath simultaneously. Continue the same for some time and this will help relax your body and to enhance the health and overall well-being.
  • Relax your body and enjoy its beauty and functioning and convey your gratitude to your body by chanting thank you for what your body does to you. Simultaneously control your breath and continue the same for some time. This meditation technique will make you conscious of your body and subsequently help enhance the feeling of gratitude that you have towards it.
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