Improving concentration through meditation

Absolute freedom and bliss is usually not something that a person possesses in the midst of the busy schedule of life. Caught between the life and work, we most often do not even find time for ourselves. One can attain a state of absolute freedom and bliss only when the body and mind are in a state of equilibrium. At that point in time, the individual enters a fully conscious state where there are no tensions or anything of the busy life, but only absolute freedom and bliss.

The following is a meditation technique which can be of help achieve such a  state given that the practitioner of meditation enjoys every breath, movement and thought in its complete sanctity. Sanctity is achieved only after one becomes grateful towards the existence. With this attitude of gratitude, the consciousness would be completely aware of what happens around oneself. Experiencing the exquisiteness of breath and body is extremely important to practice this meditation and this will lead you to absolute peace and subsequently, the practitioner’s level of concentration is improved at optimum.

Stage 1

Take in a deep breath, hold it in for some time and breathe out very slowly. In each and every breath,convince your mind that you are experiencing peace in its fullest sanctity. To make it happen, the practitioner should chant  in mind that he is experiencing the peacefulness in its fullest sanctity. Repeat it with each in and out breaths. Feel the importance and worth of breathing. Continue this for around 5 minutes.

Stage 2

While breathing in, visualize a part of your body and while breathing out, experience it being completely relaxed and feel the peace that covers that particular part of your body. It is important to do this extremely slow giving time for the particular part of the body to completely relax.  It is important to chant  that body is entering in to peacefulness ahead of each breath in and breath outs. Continue this focusing on the different parts of the body until the entire body is relaxed.

Stage 3

Continue breathing in and out slowly and in each breath, allow your mind to get fully relaxed. Continue the same until you experience being completely at ease.In this stage too, the practitioner repeats the chant that the mind is becoming peaceful in its full sanctity.

If someone does this meditation practice, he or she feels oneness of body, mind and breath. This meditation can be practiced either sitting down or lying down. Once the body, mind and breath attain a state of equilibrium, the practitioner is able to concentrate well at what he or she does.

By practicing this meditation frequently, the concentration level will improve in optimum, thus making it extremely beneficial for students during examinations. It can also be practiced before dhyana and yoga so that they can experience absolute bliss in ease and enter a state of concentration.