Improving memory

There are many who complain about forgetting things easily. Memory capacity of each individual is different. Yet, there are steps which could help enhancing the memory. Following are some steps, which if included in the daily routine, can help improve memory.

  1. Exercise: Exercise enhances heart beat and consequently, the circulation of blood. It also helps in the growth of hippo campus in the brain.
  2. Memory tricks: Using certain tricks such as acronyms can help remembering things. There are individual who make stories to remember a list of things and similarly, rhymes could also be used to help remember things.
  3. Routine life: having a routine life rather than an undisciplined and disorderly life and this will help in making life easier. You would also be able to remember things and events easily if you lead a routine life.
  4. Meditation: Studies have proved that meditation can enhance the memory capacity of a person. Daily practice of meditation can also help preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia which affect the memory capacity of an individual. Meditation also reduces stress, thus ensuring the effective functioning of the brain.
  5. Intellectual exercises. Intellectual exercises like crossword puzzles and Sudoku help in improving the memory capacity. Keep giving intellectual challenges to the brain like learning a new language and taking a new path to the office and this will enhance your memory power. Using the other hand instead of your preferred hand in doing things can also help in improving memory. Trying to recollect the dreams of the previous night can stimulate the brain and thus help improve memory.
  6. Reducing stress and Anxiety: both of them are extremely detrimental to the memory power and the effective functioning of the brain and thus keeping oneself happy can help improving the memory capacity.
  7. Improve the social contacts:Meeting new people and discussing new ideas keep the brain fresh and this can help in enhancing the functioning of the brain, thus improving the memory capacity.
  8. Nutritious food: proper functioning of the brain requires high amount of energy and for this one needs to consume nutritious food with a lot of fibers, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and protein. Drinking more water can also help.
  9. Sleep: It is quite important to have enough sleep to ensure the proper functioning of the brain and it is suggested that an individual sleeps for at least 8 hours.