Indian Nameology Predictions

Indian Nameologists claim that the first letter of names would have a clear influence on one’s destiny. They attribute certain peculiarities to these letters and assert that these specialties may affect one’s life immensely.  Some of these features that they claim to exist are as follows:


According to Indian tradition, first letter A has the humongous power of the Sun and that empowers a person to be innovative, skillful, administrative and confident. These people possess the ability to think positive and so they can reach new heights in their area of work.


People who have B as the first letter of their name will eventually become a two faced personality but exposed to enormous blessings of the goddess of prosperity. With a strong will power, these people will achieve success in their respective fields. They are prosperous in nature. Being Poetic but lethargic, imaginative but non-conformist, these people will enjoy some diverge characteristics too.


Important trait of the persons who carry as the first letter of their names is fearfulness. These people may not be able to defend the wrongdoings eventhough they are willing to do so. However, once the letters like H, N, and A etc. had come after the letter C, the persons would have the strength to overcome their inhibitions and could lead a more enjoyable life.


Being loyal, sincere, honest, determined and kind, these individualscan lead a good life unless they get trapped in the traits like introversion and envy as they are prone to such bad traits. They possess a good sense of humor and are always ready to take care of elderly people.


Adventurous and competitive are the features that are attributed to people whose name starts with E. They will beat every obstacle and achieve success. They would love to read and socialize and make many friends in their lifetime. Their partners would be good looking. They may engage in debates and quarrels and can articulate their thoughts before people but they very rarely listen.


Pleasure-seekers by nature, people with F as the first letter of their name would probably lead an adulterous life. Meanwhile, if the letters like A,R,G,&H comes following F, the person would be extremely successful in his life would earn prestige and reputation. They would be financially sound and may shine in the field like sports,art etc.


According to Indian Nameology G is the dearest letter for Gods. So If G comes first in the name, the person would be successful and he would endure any hardships to make an endeavor become successful. Progressive thoughts will lead them to glory. They will be helpful to the family and friends and would extend their hands when the society in danger.


H is the letter which belongs to Saturn god equivalent to Thor. According to Indian astrology Saturn will drag down the rich from affluence and simultaneously nurture in difficult times. But with will power and hard work, one can be successful even when they have H in his name as first letter.


A name beginning with I will be humane, generous and enthusiastic. He will be very empathetic and compassionate that the person who has I as the first letter of his or her name would easily earn public support by helping others.However, the classic artistic temperament that comes with this initial can also create a mysterious and moody appearance.


The letter J is associated with kindness. If the name starts with J, he’s sure to be family-oriented, and he may seek a career that fits around his personal commitments. This letter also brings creativity, intelligence and exuberance, which will help the person succeed.  However, people influenced by J could be seen as selfish by those outside their family. Moreover, they often need help keeping their feet on the ground, too!


This letter projects energy, originality, authority and leadership qualities. The person is sure to have great spiritual and physical energy with this letter. They will be capable of great achievements. At the same time, people influenced by K don’t use their energy wisely as they grow anxious, nervous and pessimistic.


Letter L radiates wisdom, dedication and imagination. The person is destined to complete everything he starts to do, and will be generous in helping others.He will make friends and relish the relationships in family and in public. However, the great knowledge and understanding possessed by this person may create arrogance against opposite views.


M is happy, optimistic and creative. The bearer of this letter would be cheerful, and would always carry the warmth of love.He will select his desirable career irrespective of others choice.  The wrong side of this letter is that the people with M have strong emotions, which can make them prone to jealousy.


The letter N is associated with intelligence, imagination and determination. The person can thus utilize the circumstances to his aid, even if they seem to be strange and harsh. They would grow up to take great pride in overcoming obstacles, and will succeed in life.However, when a problem arises they may be feebler to tackle the situation efficiently.


The letter O has strong spiritual vibrations, which can bring great insight. People with this letter are often in danger of becoming too unrealistic, dreamy and emotional.

Letter P

The letter P will bring a fascinating combination of common sense, order and reason, and a hearty dose of creative talent too. They would love to learn all that they can, and will happily express what they have learned to others.However, people whose name begins with P are caught between creativity and the desire for order. This can make them contradict themselves.

Letter Q

This is a letter that projects confidence, persistence and calmness. They would probably grow to be intense and quick-witted, with great intuition. People with the initial Q would have great confidence that propels them to succeed. This letter also has a darker side though, which can cause materialism and selfishness.

Letter R

The letter R represents a soft, kind and gentle spirit. They would have a positive, idealistic outlook on life, and will love helping others. They may well become a bohemian eccentric who loves all people, and goes to great lengths to help them. Their honest and trusting nature will often win them respect from those around them. However, people with the letter R can come across as airy-fairy or superficial at times.

Letter S

The letter S is associated with a strong and dedicated spirit. They have an ability to weather any hardship and make it through difficult times. They would also have the power to realize their dreams and build their ideal future.The downside of such an intense spirit is that they could be quick-tempered when their life is out of balance.

Letter T

This letter conveys great patience, tolerance and kindness. They would have excellent leadership qualities, and may be seen as a dominant force in their workplaces or friendship groups. They are likely to share their knowledge and possessions freely with the ones they lead.People influenced by T may need plenty of support from others, or they risk becoming emotional, nervous and apathetic.

Letter U

The letter U brings in a magical and mystical quality and they would be talented and lucky. At the same time, they would often find themselves torn between duty and desire too. If they could overcome overcome the craving for material wealth, they would easily seize opportunities and would achieve great success.

Letter V

These people are usually creative, hard-working and loyal.  Being passionate and enthusiastic individuals, they would often grow restless if they don’t have the opportunity to move and explore. They usually enjoy the finest things in life. They would find it hard to manage their money, though.

Letter W

This letter projects great willpower, strength and enthusiasm. They would often be seen as charming and kind and thus would get along with a wide variety of people.Curious by nature, they would always be filled with a lot of energy. They would delight in adventure and risk-taking, and may be well suited to a job in the travel industry.However, this letter brings such passion to some people that it can lead them to get carried away and reveal an aggressive streak.

Letter X

Those rare souls with the initial X are constantly striving to better themselves, seeking perfection and balance in all things.  With the letter X, the person would have a lively nature and show exceptional bravery. He’ll also be happy to embrace changes in his search for harmony.However, people with this letter don’t always think things through, and can become negative when things don’t go according to their plan.

Letter Y

This letter brings great determination along withgreat energy(both physical and spiritual)to its bearer. They would be highly analytical and intelligent, with the ability to quickly find solutions to their problems.It’s likely that they grow up with a burning desire to succeed and to shine in their chosen profession.People influenced by Y may waste a lot of energy over-thinking things, though. This can make them appear vague and confused to those who don’t have their level of insight.

Letter Z

The letter Z brings determination, persistence and fearlessness. The person would always finish what he starts, and will be highly organized and methodical. Intuitive and fair-minded, they would make an excellent leader. However, some with this initial can let their ambition run along with them, often at the cost of their personal relationships.