International Yoga Day 2024: PM Modi explains Asanas in animated videos-Watch

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated several endeavors to elevate the centuries-old Indian practice of Yoga to the global stage. His aim is to harness its benefits to bolster global well-being. As part of this year’s International Yoga Day, which falls on June 21, PM Modi shared tutorial videos with animated explanations of specific yoga postures.

“As Yoga Day approaches, I am sharing a set of videos that will offer guidance on various Asanas and their benefits. I hope this inspires you all to practice Yoga regularly,” PM Modi posted on X on June 11.

On June 12, PM Modi posted one such video on Vrikshasana. He said, “Vrikshasana or the tree pose has several benefits, including helping improve balance and posture.” The video explained step-by-step move to how to do Vrikshasana.

On June 13, the prime minister shared another video, this explaining Tadasana. “Tadasana is very good for the body. It will ensure more strength and better alignment,” he posted.

On June 14, another video shared step-by-step guide on performing Trikonasana. “Practice Trikonasana for improved shoulders, back and improving concentration!,” the prime minister said.