International Yoga Festival to begin in Rishikesh tomorrow

An international Yoga festival will begin in Rishikesh tomorrow (Sunday). Rishikesh is hosting this event with the intention of    making an opportunity for all the Yoga experts to meet together at this holy place, which is considered the birth place of Yoga.

Starting tomorrow, the festival will end on March 7. There will be Yoga sessions and discussions on this ancient and systematic physical exercise which calms body and mind apart from curing illnesses. The discussions include studies on various health subjects, medical practices and importance of meditation. The masters  will also demonstrate various meditation practices such as Agnihotra, Ajapa japa breath mantra, Antar mouna, Chakra shuddhi, ed Chidakasha dharana etc.

The organizers said that  the body and mind would get purified by practising  the aforementioned meditation  techniques.

The previous festival saw 2000 yogis from 100 countries as participants as well as panellists.

The organizers said they had made arrangements for accommodation and other facilities for those who come from distant regions. They said Satwik diet that includes mainly fruits and vegetables would be served during the festival.