Iron yoga for muscle strength and flexibility

Iron yoga, a combination of yoga and strength training exercises for weight loss and total body fitness, was first introduced in India by New Delhi-based fitness therapist and nutritionist Neeraj Mehta.

Iron yoga synchronizes the ability of yoga to work the mind and body in union along with power training exercises using dumbbells. Power training enhances one’s ability to stay fit as it improves durability of muscles by making them stronger and flexible.

Following are some of the Iron yoga poses that can be helpful in making the body stronger and the mind peaceful:

Ujjaini Pranayama

Stand straight keeping the legs close. Bring dumbbells in both hands up above the chest and let the edges of the dumbbells touch. After getting into that position, start breathing. While keeping the thighs close and navel inward, erect the spine and expand the chest. Close eyes and let the breathe in rhythm. Take deep breath through nostril and while taking breath in, pronounce the word ‘Sa’and breathe out totally. Practising this for 10 to 20 minutes daily can be very transformative and beneficial to the body and mind.


Stand straight with legs 1 m apart. Hold hands horizontal to the floor with the palms facing the floor. Now, move the right leg towards the front.  In this position take normal breath three times. Bend the body towards the right holding a dumbbell and touch the right foot with the right hand. Exhale while you bend down. Make sure that you do not bend your knee. Lift your left hand up and look towards the finger tips. Make sure that the right hand and left hand form a straight line. Take deep breath in this position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat towards the right holding a dumbbell in the left hand.


Stand straight with your legs close together. Now bend your right leg and place the left foot on the right thigh. Breathe in and lift hand holding dumbbell and rise it at shoulder level. While bringing down the hand holding dumbbell, inhale totally. Do this for 8 times and repeat placing right foot on the left thigh.

This yogasana improves the balance between the body and soul, thus promoting the overall health.