Italy Allows Essential Travel From India, Brazil, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

The Italian government has decided to lift ban on travelers from India, Brazil, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka reaching the country for essential purposes. These countries were earlier moved to List E.

An official statement issued by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said, “Since October 26, this order by the Ministry of Health has abolished the special restrictions previously applying to arrivals from Brazil, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which have since been included in list E and are therefore subject to the rules applying to those countries.”

According to the latest guidelines, since October 26, travelers visiting Italy from these four countries mentioned above are not required to submit authorization from the Ministry of Health to enter the country.

The revised guidelines only allowed travelers who visit for work, health, and study-related reasons to enter the country. However, it also mentioned that those who need to enter Italy for other essential purposes would also be permitted.

According to the data provided by the Italian Ministry of Health, persons returning to Italy after staying or transiting through one of the four countries during the last 14 days must provide a negative COVID-19 test result carried out within 72 hours before entry.

Travelers from these countries are also required to fill in a digital Passenger Locator Form and notify the health authorities on their arrival.

Travelers from list E are also required to follow a ten-day quarantine requirement as soon as they enter Italy and undergo another COVID-19 test at the end of the self-isolation period.

The following groups of persons who stayed or transited in one of the List E countries during the last couple of weeks are only allowed to enter the country:

The authorities have also indicated that transport crew members, onboard transport staff, cross-border workers, pupils, and students, among others, fall under the exemption list and shall not obliged to undergo the above mentioned procedures.